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Infileat Inc. responds your OEM request with reliable technology.

We provide total support from planning, development, manufacturing through delivery.

Sample creation request is also welcome.
Please feel free to contact us.

​■Products are manufactured one by one in Furano, Hokkaido, the place rich in  nature.
​■Products are made by well-selected materials.

Product examples

Basic cosmetics


 - Makeup remover
 - Cleansing foam, cream
 - Lotion
 - Beauty essence
 - Latex
 - Pack
 - Lip gel
 - Moisturizing cream
 - Moisturizing gel
 - UV cream
 - Massage cream



 - Shampoo
 - Hair treatment
 - Rinse
 - Body soap
 - Hand soap
 - Scalp essence, Hair restorer



 - Aroma oil
 - Aroma gel, mist
 - Pure essential oil
 - Bath essence
 - Bath gel
 - Bath salt
 - Perfume

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